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Dummy Launcher with Canvas Dummy

Trains your dog to work to shot under conditions of control. Also helps the dog get used to the sound of gunfire.

The launcher can fire over distance allowing a good variance in retrieves into water, over hedges, fences and walls.

The range can be varied by using the selection of blanks - short distance, medium distance and long distance.

Proof tested. Easy to operate. Issued with full user instructions.

Fitted with a recoil handle and uses either canvas or pvc launcher dummies.

Uses .22 cal blanks.


Dummy Launcher Operating Instructions

The Retriev-R-Trainer is a practical aid for training retrievers. Training dummies designed for the use with it can be power thrown two to three times farther than hand thrown dummies. They are useful on land or water. Extra dummies can be used to throw doubles, triples, etc. The Retriev-R-Trainer uses blank power charges for throwing power. The accompanying report eliminates the need for a blank pistol.



Preparation for Firing:

  • Place an RRT training dummy over the barrel and slide it down. The distance of the throw can be controlled by how far the dummy is placed down the barrel -- all the way for maximum distance, less for shorter throws.
  • Open the breech by pressing the thumb release/latch located in the middle of the launcher just above the hand grip. The launcher will now pivot open exposing the open chamber for receiving the blank power charge. Fully seat the charge in the chamber as you would a single shot rifle or shotgun.
  • Close the unit and press the thumb latch to insure that it is fully closed.


Firmly grasp the launcher handle in one hand with the thumb latch oriented toward the shoulder of the holding arm. The heel of the holding hand should be facing the thumb latch and your fingers should be wrapped firmly around the grip. Your thumb will be closest to the Pull Knob. Bend the elbow slightly and position the launcher about waist high and one foot from you body. Aim about 45° from the horizontal off to your side toward the target area. Pull the firing knob back to its fully extended position and release it to launch.
NOTE: NEVER DRY FIRE your Retriev-R-Trainer!




Blank Power Charges:

Choose your power charge based on the distance you wish to throw the dummy. Use only those charges intended for the Retriev-R-Trainer:





User must thoroughly clean the barrel, chamber, and hinge areas with a good gun cleaning solvent after each use. Failure to properly maintain the RRT Launcher may result in serious injury or death. You may purchase the RRT Cleaning Kit to simplify this process. A small amount of gun oil applied to the hinge area after cleaning will help to insure smooth operation. Cleaning of the chamber can be enhanced by using a .22 caliber wire brush. Also, thoroughly clean and dry the inside of the dummy tube after each launch to be certain that, prior to each time you launch the dummy from your launcher, it is free of debris both internally and externally. Failure to properly maintain the aluminium insert tube in your dummy may result in serious injury or death. A rubber "O" Ring in a grove near the outer end of the barrel provides a seal for the release gases of the power charge. This "O" Ring will wear causing some of the gases to escape, thereby reducing the flight distance of the dummy. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline, or any other lubricant safe for use on rubber components, to prevent drying and cracking of the o-ring. Replacement "O" Rings are available separately.

Cautions and Warnings:

Your RRT Launcher is not a firearm, but the same handling, care, and safety precautions must be exercised. Your Retriev-R-Trainer is provided with certain built-in safety features, but these are not substitutes for safe handling practices, which include the use of ear and eye protection as well as the use of heavy leather gloves.

  • Firing the dummy is equivalent to firing a six to eight ounce bullet. A heavy recoil and loud report should be expected, especially when using red power loads. ALWAYS use eye and ear protection and wear heavy leather gloves when firing.
  • Expect a loud report when the launcher is fired. Prolonged exposure to loud report may affect hearing to dogs and surrounding persons.
  • Never attempt to load your Retriev-R-Trainer with bullets or charges other than those recommended.
  • Always remove the training dummy from the barrel of the launcher before storage.
  • Before loading or firing, ALWAYS make sure the barrel and the metal insert in the dummy are free of obstructions.
  • The Retriev-R-Trainer is NOT A TOY! Do not allow children to play with or operate the unit.

Dummies and Accessories are available...


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